Maximising Economic Recovery

Lowering Operating Costs

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Who We Are

• Experienced oilfield and EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) professionals.


• Developers of Economic Production solutions to the Oil Industry.


• Developers of innovative, redeployable, temperature based production technology.


• Owners of certain filed and pending Patent Applications regarding OPB Production technology.


What We Do

• Design low cost solutions to help Operators towards Maximising Economic Recoveries from marginal

 new or declining late life offshore oilfields


• Design Production systems, with projected capex costs of USD180 million each (excluding Subsea



•  Design systems that can utilise existing Subsea infrastructure.


•  Aim to reduce Environmental emissions by eliminating the need for flaring in normal operations


•  Offer a Production System solution which enables Operators to:

       - delay the timing of their Cessation of Production (COP) decisions,

       - lengthen the economic Production life of fields by many years.

       - unlock additional funds as part of field specific OPB Decommissioning solutions