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About the OPB System

The OPB system is designed as a cost-effective Production solution for the development of stranded reserves or for the progression of contingent reserves into proven reserves through:

  • Extended well tests

  • Early production  / staged development systems


It is designed to operate up to five Production wells and two raw seawater water injection wells and the design is based on UKCS standards and operating philosophies.


Each OPB system is designed for deployment in stranded fields without nearby Operator infrastructure. Gas is used for heat / power. Oil is off-loaded to a tanker or can be exported into existing pipeline systems. It may also be used to replace a manned floating facility where Production has fallen below economic rates but where continued use of the existing subsea infrastructure is still possible.


The OPB system is based on a low-pressure self-contained oil Production system, which uses temperature to:

  • flash associated gas for heat / power

  • separate oil and water

  • stabilise the crude for export,  


The OPB System is designed for a range of hydrocarbon properties. This minimises any equipment changes when redeploying from one field to another. The OPB System is designed with a multiple redundancy of equipment. Its inherent simplicity forms the basis of a reliable long-term Production solution, which can operate safely and autonomously as a Normally Unattended Installation (NUI).

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